Find out what homepage sticky articles on a next generation PBN will do for your rankings.

Why regular PBNs wont work for a high profit business

I’ll get straight to the point.

The problem with regular PBNs is they are too weak and you need too many of them to rank which will get you a penalty.

Ie, they are useless for your high profit business.

The cheap ones are trash $10 domains and the best ones are 15 to 50 OBL on $50 to $300 domains.

This is fine if you have a regular site and you’re trying to make a few hundred bucks a month.


Because you only need 40-50 of them to rank.

Now, the problem is a site like yours in a high profit, higher competition niche, as you already know, requires a LOT more than 40-50 of your typical $10-$15 pbns to rank.

What can you do?

Get 1000’s of them?  Of course not. That’s a penalty waiting to happen. Even 100’s of homepage links stands out to Google as being unnatural.

So your solution is buying niche edits and guest posts. How’s that working out for you? As you’ve probably discovered most of what’s being sold out there is just the same old re-hashed crap.

I’ve got the solution for you..

You’re the very reason I created the Wolf Network.

My domains range from $200 right up to my current most expensive at $11,500. My average domains are around $1k to $1.5k each.

On top of that. The OBL is only 8.

Why is this important and why does it solve your problem..?

Because you need 10-20x less links on my network than you do with regular PBNs.

This means, if you want to invest heavily in PBNs and spend $2k to $5k per month and go HARD to smash the competition, you can do it without destroying your site through 1000’s of cheap links.

Want to spend $5k/mo on the Wolf Network? You can do that with around 70-80 super strong links.



Problem solved.

Start small or start big. The choice is yours. You can test it out with 1-5 links from $50-$200/mo.

P.S. Only 8 spots are available per PBN. Places are strictly limited.  Act now, don’t miss out.

P.P.S) You can ask me anything you want after you’re accepted. This network is the real deal. You can’t order until you’ve spoken to me. This is a bespoke service, it’s not your typical SEO service.

If you want to know more before applying, just click below to read my massive, super long sales page where I go into as much detail as possible about every aspect of the wolf network.

I break all the rules of sales pages in it. The goal is not to convince you to buy, but to show you that my network really is different and can help your high profit business reach new heights.

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