The Wolf Domain Shop: Premium Aged Auction Domains

  • Full range of domains and niches
  • Every price level from $30 to $1500
  • All domains are clean and spam-free
  • TF9 up to TF50+
  • RDs from 10 up to 1000+
  • Brandable money site domains
  • Strong PBN domains
  • Easy to buy from shop
  • Full URLs and stats inside shop
  • 30 day full refund no-index guarantee
  • Full support and advice given
  • Optional PBN building service only for customers of the shop
  • 95% of the domains are already indexed

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Why Buy From the Wolf Domain Shop

You want to rank your sites and make money, right?

You already know the best way to do that is with strong, premium aged auction domains.

The problem is it's hard to find the right domains at the right prices in 2019.. Many sellers are just not selling the right kind of domains you need to rank. The sellers that do have good domains are often sold out or just too expensive.

You've probably tried to get your own domains at auction and realized it requires a massive amount of work and effort to get a constant supply of good domains for your PBN. Sure, you can pick up a few bargains here and there, and if you want to pick up the odd domain at the cheapest possible price, then the wolf shop is not for you. I recommend you put the time in at auction.

So who is the shop for?

It is for the SEO guy(or gal) who knows just how powerful having their own exclusive PBN is and wants a reliable, easy to use, constant supply of strong, clean domains at prices that allow them to profit.

If this is you, then welcome to the Wolf Domain Shop.

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Full URLs inside. All domains are clean, spam-free and 100% manually checked.


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