Do You Want Access to the PBNs Used by the Big SEO Agencies?

How about at a fraction of the normal cost?

  • 5 Niche Networks

    Niche networks built using strong auction domains. High metrics and a powerful, clean backlink profile.

  • Low Cost - Pay Monthly for Posts

    Your costs are kept low because you pay monthly for each post. No huge upfront costs. A hand written unique article is included with the price.

  • High TF and Root Domains

    TrustFlow from 17 to 45+ with 35 to 2242+ referring root domains. Average TrustFlow is 24.8 and average linking root domains are 294.56

  • Tightly Limited OBL

    A maximum of 10 posts per site. All homepage, all niche relevant.

Network Application

This is a truly private PBN with tightly limited spaces available. To get on the network you have to first apply with each website you'd like to get posts for.

The application process is quite strict in order to protect the network and your sites. Each application will be looked at on a case by case basis and any sites that could harm the network will be rejected.

Sites that have been spammed and abused will be rejected. The Network is extremely safe and is aimed at businesses, authority sites and affiliate sites where long term growth, profit and sustability are a priority.

INTRODUCING: The Wolf Network

In a nutshell: Super powerful niche PBNs, built with auction domains, limited to 10 posts per site.

If your money site is accepted you can pay monthly for homepage posts on any site in any of the niche networks.

Content is included. You can add and remove posts at any time and only pay one month at a time. Simple, effective, profitable.

Charming Wolf

This kind of powerful blog network has never been available on any public marketing forum. This is an agency level SEO product.

A total of $32,741(and counting) has been invested over the past 7 weeks building up this network for you. It is exactly the same as the networks that I build for SEO agencies.

There's absolutely no difference at all.

Well. That's a lie actually.

There is one difference..

The cost. The agencies buy posts on the network for $700 to $5000+. These kind of big upfront costs are nothing to a huge agency with an entire floor full of salesmen.

However. For an Internet marketer or a small SEO firm it is a crippling cost.

It would be OK if SEO was instant. If you got your money back in 2-4 weeks..

But we all know it's not like that. It takes 3 to 6 months for sites to start generating cash.

And on top of that you still have to wait even longer to get paid from your affiliate network. Especially Amazon with their Net 60 payment period. It's just crippling to your cashflow.

There is a solution for you..

Monthly pricing.

But.. Before showing you how that works and why it will make it even easier for you to create profitable websites. Take a look at some screenshots of recent ranking improvements from the agency's clients.

Wolf Network Monthly Pricing

Description Image

The Wolf Network makes it super easy for you to be incredibly successful in SEO.


Monthly pricing.

Being able to pay for your posts monthly will transform your success as an affiliate or owner of an SEO company.

Read on and I'll explain in detail exactly how it will help you..

Ok, so you have a new website. You want to rank it. It is either your own site. Or a client's site.

You have a monthly budget to rank the site. If it's a client, they are paying you a monthly fee.

If it is your site, you set a monthly budget depending on your own income.

Now here lies the problem..

SEO campaigns need a large lump sum investment in the first 3 months. ESPECIALLY in the first month.

And on top of that it's a big risk for you. You could blow your entire SEO budget on something and get no results. Nightmare, right?

How about if you are going to build your own PBN? Well.. I don't think I have to tell you about the large initial costs AND setup time there.

Buying PBN posts? Your risk of low quality, over-saturated post services that will get your site penalized aside, you still have to fork out a significant chunk of your budget at once. You're basically paying the entire year of the posts up front.

Are you seeing the power of being able to pay monthly for your PBN posts now?

You now have the power to decide an EXACT BUDGET for your SEO. And because you only pay month to month, you have complete freedom and control.

Getting $750 per month from a client to rank their site? Great, just pick the percent you want for profit and assign the rest for power posts on the Wolf Network.

Got $200 per month spare from your other projects? Perfect, just build your new affiliate site and assign that $200 per month for your SEO campaign..

6 months later it's now making $300/mo? Now increase that budget to $500 per month and watch your rankings SKYROCKET.

12 months in and it's now making $3k per month with $500 per month in expenses. Your $200 is freed up for the next project and you have 83% profit margins from this project. Either repeat the process, or scale the site by ramping up the investment to $1500/mo, which still leaves you 50% profit margins AND the earnings of the site will increase..

You see just how simple it is to build and scale an incredibly profitable business with The Wolf Network?


The maximum number of posts per PBN site is 10. This means spots on the network are VERY limited. AND I am going to close up the network to new applications as soon as it's filled up.

This is not some scarcity tactic. It's a safety precaution.

I do not want 1000's of different people on the network. That would put the entire network at risk AND it is a support nightmare.

Sorry guys.. I only want to work with those of you who understand the value of something like this. Those of you who are smart enough to take advantage of it and scale your business into the 5-6 figure per month range.


The network will continue to be expanded long after the doors close to new applications.

Once you are in, you are IN. There's no limit to the number of posts you can get. The only limit is the number of clients allowed on the network.

The doors are open now for the right people to come into this exclusive club. Apply now or live the rest of your life in regret at missing the opportunity of a lifetime.

The PBN Features

5 Niche Networks

Multiple niche networks, from finance to shopping and our generic/general network if your site doesn't fit into one of the niche networks.

ULTRA Powerful Auction Domains

While everyone else is selling posts with $20 expired domains, you will find TF 45's and authority level auction domains with 2000+ linking root domains on our network. Our weakest domains are four times as strong as everyone elses best domains.

Super Safe PBN

The PBNs are hidden from everyone except Google. They won't show up on any crawlers and your competitors won't find them. Nothing will show up on ahrefs, majestic, moz, semrush or any other crawler. We block them ALL at the IP level and by user agent.

Whitehat Safe

The PBNs are limited to 10 posts per site. No risky sites are allowed on the network. Your whitehat money site won't be sharing with low quality GSA spam sites. Sites get penalized because they share PBNs with 100's of spammy sites. You will be sharing with quality affiliate sites and businesses. The Wolf Network is even safer than building a PBN yourself.

Quick & Easy Setup

You just select the sites you want your PBN post on, pay one month at a time and the wolf network team will take care of the rest. 300-400 words of high quality hand written unique content is included. Just pay the first month and everything is included.

Pay Month to Month

This is what will allow you to really scale your business to the next level. You only pay one month at a time for all your posts. You can select a couple of TF35's, some TF25-30's and a few TF20-25's and you'll pay less than you would for junk posts on expired domains from other sellers who charge you for the full year at once because they know you will cancel if they let you pay one month at a time.

How to Buy Posts


Apply to Network

Fill out an application form with your site and the niche network(s) you want posts on. You can use multiple niche networks, but your site has to be related in order to keep the networks tightly niche relevant for other clients. You can re-apply with as many sites as you want. However, only clean sites are accepted to keep the network super safe.

Apply Now

Pick Domains and Order

Once approved you will be able to create an account where you can view the most up to date list of sites available on the networks and add/remove posts from your account. Billing is handled automatically with a variable PayPal subscription. If you remove a post it will be live until the end of the billing period.


Order Fulfillment

After you've picked new domains you want posts on, my team will process your order, create the content and set everything up. You will be able to see when the posts are live in your control panel


Track Your Results

You can then monitor your keyword with the AccuRanker rank tracking link that you'll get and watch your keyword move up in rankings.

The Wolf Network - Available Niches

Average TrustFlow
Average Linking Root Domains
Niche Networks
Sites Live in Network

SEO/Marketing Network


Technology Network


Shopping Network


Finance Network


Entertainment Network


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the monthly pricing include content

Yes, you will get a 300 to 400 unique, hand written article. Options are available to pay a one off upgrade fee for longer articles.

Are there any other costs or minimum contract term?

No, you only pay month to month. Unlike other networks, we do not force you to pay a big upfront fee. We are so confident in the power of the Wolf Network, we know once you sign up, you will want to stay for a very long time.

What's the refund policy?

This is a monthly service with no contract. You only pay one month at a time and can cancel any time. With that in mind no refunds are given. Once you've paid for the first month the content is ordered and my staff are paid immediately, so once payment is taken, it's final for the first month.

Can I choose the anchor text?

Yes, you can pick your own anchor text. However, brand and naked links are not allowed since they make it easy to discover the network, and wasting such powerful links with weak anchors is not recommended. Use weak links for anchor text dilution and save the exact and lsi anchors for the power links.

How long does it take before my post is live?

3 to 5 days for under 10 posts and 5 to 7 days for between 10 and 20 posts. You also have the option to drip feed your posts over a 30 day period.

What kind of report will I get?

You will receive an AccuRanker rank tracker link that will show your rankings. The network is hidden to keep all sites on it safe, but the best way to view your results is to watch the keyword move up in the SERPs.

Ready to become a part of the Wolf Network? Click here to Apply.

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